1. This is a gorgeous look! :D I cannot wait to try this out on my friend!
    (You always give me the best ideas for braiding her hair) Are you
    thinking of going to beautycon in NYC this year? 

  2. I love all of your braids! I was wondering can you do a couple of mermaid
    inspired braids? My sister and I really love the Netflix show H2O Mako
    Island they use to have H2O on nick but the series is over and they
    continued and new one on Netflix but the mermaid girls have such beautiful
    braids and I can’t seem to figure out how they do it. Anyways thank you for
    reading this and I can’t wait to see more tutorials you create 

  3. New hair tutorial! I had to redo this because it came out too dark
    initially. Here is what it looked like on straight hair (filmed
    previously). . http://goo.gl/f7bjHr

    I hope your week is going well! xoxo

    #makeupwearables #cutehairstyles #braids #updohairstyles #style #hairstyles
    #hair #tutorial

  4. +MakeupWearables Hairstyles ★ Hair Tutorial on Thursdays wow tina. You
    never stop impressing. BEAUTIFUL! You are sooo talented. And congratz to
    the winner!

  5. You did that so fast! It looks amazing! I am growing my hair and would like
    to see videos on how to put hair up that is shag shoulder length if
    possible or other ideas. It’s at the frustrating stage. Ty

  6. So beautiful!! I think I’ll give that a go tomorrow. :) do you think you
    could just keep braiding instead of doing a half up look?

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