1. Chloe this look is amazing! I’m obsessed with the lip colour I need to pull
    out mac diva again I forgot how much I loved it xxxx

  2. Very Beautiful look i love it. and I swear I though your eyebrows were done
    and then you started filling them in and Im in shock your eyebrows are
    perfection I would never think you didnt do them before the video. Great
    video def. Loving the whole look :) ♡

  3. Beautiful tutorial! Can you do a video about your skincare! I think your
    makeup looks great, but having great skin like yours makes it even better! :) 

  4. Gorgeous! I love this look!! Would really love it if you could zoom us in
    when you do your eyes :D love your videos

  5. Beautiful look *_* where are you from ? just wanted to know becausw you
    listed all the prices in euros (i live in Germany ) :) 

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