1. You know… I don’t understand when people tell me I NEED to have different
    hairstyles. I could use a change sometimes, everyone could. But who really
    wears their hair in 10 different hairstyles. Im sure many of you have YOUR
    way of wearing your hair, whether thats just all down, maybe curled, in a
    pony tail or bun….& I’m sure MANY of you like YOUR hair a certain way
    because it’s what you like, what your most comfortable with. As much as
    people request to see how I really do by hair, there is sure a hell of
    comments saying how much you all don’t like it or how you wish I didn’t
    wear it like this. Think about how you feel about YOUR hair. & Don’t stress
    over the way someone else does. Just my thoughts. Hope some of you enjoyed
    the video anyway <3 

  2. Hey everyone! Thanks so much for watching!!
    Here is a hair tutorial! Finally! This was highhllyyy requested by many of
    you wondering how I do this hairstyle! You can see how I do this look with
    my extensions in! All info about my hair will be in the description so
    don’t forget to check there!

    Also, your seeing my hair with no extensions and how thin it is to where
    you can see my scalp at times..which is the reason I tease so much!! I have
    had bad cowlicks my whole life especially the one in the back of my head.
    So excuse the ugly bald looking spots! hahah anyway, hope you guys enjoy
    this video & it was somewhat helpful!!
    If you’d like to see any other hair tutorials, let me know in the comments.
    I will be doing an updated “everyday messy bun” tutorial! Love you all xo

  3. People need to chill the F out with calling your hair a rats nest. You
    wanna see a rats nest, take a look at my hair after not washing it for two
    days. It’s knotted and frizzy and literally looks like a rodent could maybe
    have a life going on in there. And who really cares if she never changes
    her hairstyle? This is what works for her, this is what she likes and it
    clearly looks good on her. How is her hairstyle affecting any of your
    lives? Oh wait, hold on a minute, IT’S NOT. I’ve been subscribed to you for
    so long and I have not seen this much hate on ANY other channel before,
    It’s so pathetic how females treat each other. I know alot of girls must be
    super jealous of you and I can see why, but they need to keep the bullshit
    hurtful comments to themselves. It really bothers me seeing someone who
    already suffers from anxiety and depression be bullied so much about such
    stupid shit. You are a beautiful person and i really hope you just laugh
    off these hating losers and keep doing your thing. Just wear that hairstyle
    everyday for the next 6 months to piss them off even more.. haha.

  4. I want to see your with your hair straight and parted down the middle!! No
    teasing or anything! Im sure you would look just as beautiful!!

  5. I’m literally laughing so hard at the fact that your comment sections have
    been full for WEEKS of people BEGGING you to do a hair tutorial on this
    specific look and now the comments are nothing but people complaining about
    it. It’s like nothing you do could ever please these people. Gorgeous look,
    by the way!

  6. I’m sorry but when will you ever try a new hairstyle , all of your styles
    have looked the same for years , huge amount of teasing in a bun , or half
    up , please try something new even without teasing ☺️

  7. I have 3 hairstyles.. Striaght, Half up Half down (straight or curly..
    maybe a bun) & messy bun. Thats it!! lol – I feel like having a few
    “signature” or favorite styles is perfectly normal! :) I personally love
    your hair like this!! It looks great!! <33 BTW your shirt is freakin
    adorable!! LOVE IT!! xoxo

  8. lord have mercy. looks like a damn rats nest. no one EVER needs to tease
    that much. I love your videos but HAAAATE your hair

  9. You need more updated look, straight hair would be so much better. Not
    trying to be negative just giving my opinion.:)

  10. I think people are just trying to suggest you do something different with
    your hair. Some of us feel like your hair looks dated and too messy/dirty
    and I bet if you listened to some of your viewers suggestions and tried
    atleast in one video, a hairstyle with no teasing and combed hair you would
    get a lot of great feedback! If not that’s ok too. Keep the snooki style
    hair. Some of us just aren’t into that trashy look. Either way it’s your
    hair. Comments section is for comments and opinions and suggestions. There
    was mine! 

  11. What the heck is wrong with all these people screaming “do your hair
    different, why don’t you ever do more than two styles?!” How the hell many
    hairstyles do YOU people do?! Seriously I’d bet you’re not all doing
    elaborate updos, braids, or full-on straightened on a daily basis, it’s
    probably boring ponytails, gym buns, or “just showered and it ain’t
    behaving”. Let the girl do what she likes. At least she puts some effort
    into it instead of being a hair slacker like 80% of all girls I know.

  12. Your beautiful no matter what but make ur subbies happy and do a straight
    sleek look down the middle were curious what u look like without the jersey
    tease haha <3

  13. Meg likes big hair and she can not lie! I love your hair ❤️❤️❤️ I’m scared
    to tease my hair because the struggle to brush it out

  14. Thanks for the video! Although I did read your previous comment about
    people wanting you to change your hair.. I do agree with you but I don’t
    think responding the way you did was also needed. Just ignore them. No need
    to fuel the fire. 

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