1. I love the hairstyles you create. Your hair is always gorgeous. (Personal
    hair goal.. to look like yours…and I have a long way to go LOL) I know
    you said you don’t like your hair straight, BUT can I ask you if you would
    do a video with straight hair and down? I think it would look amazing. And
    also because I see others have asked or said something too. Give it a
    try…for us? Hehe 

  2. GIRL! your hair is amazing when it’s teased and than just down its
    beautiful. I want to see you wear your hair down more you look extra

  3. Before all the “you wear the same hairstyle” “you should do something
    different with your hair” comments. I wanted to say this updo is perfect
    for spring and summer and definitely gonna try it. Also loving the videos
    and how frequently you’re uploading! :) 

  4. I NEED that kimono! I feel like you mentioned where it’s from it in another
    video, but I don’t remember! Does anyone know?! :) 

  5. I love it!! U r gorgeous.. i really dont know how u put up with all these
    caty ass girls on here if they dont like the tutorials dont watch n
    definitely dont comment!!

  6. I’ve cut my hair off recently, but def keeping this style in mind! Andddd
    thanks for the tip about keeping the bangs togetha!!!! :) I usually try and
    keep the hairspray away from my bangs,but duh! Tease and spray them!! 

  7. Can you do a video on how to cut layers into your own hair? A lot of people
    I know have made a video on that but you’re the only actual cosmetologist I
    know so maybe you can add something that they didn’t say. :) 

  8. We all know that the big teased hair is your style.. But really , would it
    Kill you to just show your real hair just once ?! Lol even for the ice
    bucket challenge when you were gonna have a bucket of water poured on you ,
    you teased your hair ! Mmm guess it’ll never happen ! Lol 

  9. I love all your videos you post! I’m still dreaming of the day you do a
    tutorial with your natural hair down no extensions and your natural eye

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