1. I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial! If not, I have another makeup look
    coming tomorrow which is completely different so lookout for that!! :) xo

  2. im sorry but meg doesnt even seem like she enjoys doing this for us
    i want her to know she has actual fans out here, not fake fans that turn
    on her. I loved her since day one, something about her and the way she does
    her make up.. i guess, like before all the hate and rudeness happened,
    watching her, she seem so much happier..

    i HATE when girls put other girls down for be successfully, Put each up,
    never down. We stand as ladies not as animals that feel the need to attack

  3. i really hate all these comments about her needing to do her hair
    differently. DO YOU ALL DO A DIFFERENT HAIR STYLE EVERYDAY? no you do what
    you know looks good on you. what if a random came up to you and was like do
    something different with your hair? how would you feel? If she likes it
    that is all that matters. And I personally love the long videos. It means
    she actually put time and effort into her filming and editing. I hate when
    a you tuber puts up a 2-3 minute video and cuts out a bunch of stuff. Its
    like why did you even make a video in the first place. I love the content
    she puts out. GUYS she does HAIR AND MAKEUP. When she does stuff other than
    that its cool. but hair and makeup are what she does best. If you want a
    lifestyle channel go find someone else.
    Keep doing you meg. 

  4. Meg I’ve been a fan for a long time. I used to be so obsessed with you!
    Lately your videos have just felt off and not like you. Just remember that
    you don’t have to do this, this is your choice. You don’t owe anything to
    anyone, only yourself. If it doesn’t make you happy, don’t do it. People
    can see when you’re genuinely happy to be doing a video and when you’re
    not. You’re a gorgeous girl inside and out and deserve all the love in the
    world! Don’t forget all the people that appreciate your videos and don’t be
    afraid to try something new. Loyal followers will stick with you. Much
    love, pretty lady! ❤️

  5. You don’t even seem to enjoy putting out videos anymore. Its become a chore
    and your only main source of income so you put out very uncreative and
    weird vibe videos. You used to like making new videos and interacting with
    your subscribers. Stop letting the hate get the better of you, that’s why
    there is so much negativity on your channel. You dont see other beauty
    gurus with as many issues because they enjoy what they do and put in hard
    work to do so. 

  6. I’ve been asking her (not that she would see) to do more basic EVERYDAY
    makeup looks and also do more drug store or mac reviews..Not a lot of
    people can relate to these makeup looks I feel like. Most people I see
    don’t where looks like this don’t get me wrong I love the look but I wish
    she did more casual looks…

  7. why do people psychoanalyze her so much. oh you don’t seem happy. you don’t
    enjoy making videos anymore. stop criticizing yourself. change your hair.
    who are you people and why are you watching? please un subscribe. no one
    wants to read your opinion. literally no one cares. go analyze yourself,
    because you’re the ones with the problem.

  8. Usually I don’t comment in any videos, but this is just too much. People
    criticize her too much because she is just not being herself. She is trying
    so hard to please all her “subs haters” that she is losing her focus. I
    watch her videos for a long long time, and she is not being herself. She
    doesn’t enjoy this anymore. She needs to go back to the basics like when
    she lived in her parents house and her room was pink and purple. When she
    caked up a lot of concealer in her foundation routines, when she self
    tanned the hell out her skin and when she really teased the fuck out of her
    hair. People enjoyed a lot those videos because she wasn’t that worried
    about everyone else, she was being happy and enjoying it. I love her and I
    love her videos, but she need to leave the hate bitches on the road and
    focus in what she loves. If she loves what she’s doing people will notice
    and people will love it too. She needs to cheer up. LIFT UP YOUR ENERGY,
    FOCUS MEG! You can do it!!! 

  9. Anyone else yell out, “Noooooo!”as she removed the first Lippie? Holy Cow!
    That color was amazing on you, Meg. Please do more of those super-duper
    BRIGHT shades, they look fantastic on you. 

  10. I am one of the many people that really want her to do a hair tutorial on
    her “messy” hair looks (the bun & half-up) and I’m actually surprised she
    hasn’t done one yet with all of our requests. Maybe she hasn’t done it
    because of all of the ignorant people that need to hate on her ways of
    doing things, even though it’s not their decision because THEY ARENT HER.
    Not that she cares what the haters say, I mean I don’t know her personally
    so I obviously wouldn’t know.. But I give her and everyone else who are on
    YouTube credit, because I myself don’t think I could deal with all of these
    hateful comments on something I feel confident about. I really hope these
    rude people aren’t holding Meg back from doing videos that herself and her
    real supporters want her to do.. I personally don’t see how her videos get
    as much hate as they do.. I think they’re perfect! Love you meg! :) 

  11. What her “fans” are asking for isn’t over the top. A different hair
    tutorial other than the 2 styles she been wearing every day for over a
    year. No one is saying she has to leave the house & go out into public but
    come on. She exact same eye look & 15 sponsored lush hauls is a little
    redundant. When it comes down to it we pay her bills. If you were doing a
    half ass job at work wouldn’t your boss tell you? We pay her bills. We’re
    allowed to have an opinion & expect her to do some of the things we
    request. No one is asking her to shoot up on camera. Just do a dang braid
    or wear your hair down on a video. And when some one asks you on twitter
    what a good shampoo is don’t reply with. …I don’t know & then block them.

  12. Meg, I love you and everything, but the color nougat is pronounced [noo-guh
    t] not nugget!,ya know like the center of a milky way bar!

  13. First off. Don’t listen to the haters Meg!! I personally love your hauls
    and Grwms. You are a Gorgeous girl don’t let any body tell you otherwise.
    Also you are one of my inspirations!! I want to become a makeup artist like
    you when I get older. Not to mention can we just talk about #HairGoals

  14. “I don’t know how happy I am with it, but I hope you guys enjoyed watching
    this.” You need to do what makes YOU happy! If you’re not happy doing what
    you’re doing, why do it? Your personal happiness should be a top priority,
    above all the money, followers, likes, etc. ♥♥♥

  15. Love this tutorial it’s so pretty!! And did you get your shirt from target,
    is it a peplum top? If so I just got this same shirt :D 

  16. I have a T3i too and don’t know what settings to put it on to film and
    autofocus! Would you care to share your secrets :) love this look and you
    as always! xoxo <3

  17. Yeah her vids are unenthusiastic , I don’t watch many of her vids because 1
    I don’t care about lush hauls and 2 you would think of you were a
    hairdresser you would do a few hair tutorials. Mix it up girl…don’t just
    do this to make money and get sponsors.

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