1. Hi everyone!! Just wanted to let you know that since this video was
    sponsored by The Age of Adaline, I wasn’t allowed to list the products in
    the description box. :( But I’m not gonna leave you guys hanging! I created
    a blog post where I was able to list the products I used as well as the
    affordable alternatives, that link is in the description box so check it
    out for the product list!

    AND!! I forgot to ask you guys… Which decade is your favorite in beauty
    and fashion?!! 

  2. +Teni Panosian this is so amazing for me! I have a 1920s makeup assessment
    at university next week, and you have given me a few ideas to incorporate
    into my look… Thank you

  3. Can you post up your outfits of the day everyday on Instagram? I always
    love your attire and you’re such an inspiration to me (: 

  4. Beautiful as always!!! The 20s seemed so fun…I feel like it was the
    buckwild college years for the 1900s, ya know????

  5. Hey there beautiful Teni ♡ I was wondering if you could someday, in the
    near future, create another video sharing some tips and tricks on starting
    your own channel ? :) I have seen your latest video, but I would like to
    know more about how you stayed motivated through it all ! I would also love
    to learn how you manage to maintain organized with so many opportunities
    flying your way. You are such an inspiration for so many of us, and im sure
    we could all use a little pep talk from someone like you :) thank you. (
    hope my grammer was correct, lol) 

  6. Hi! I really like your vids but when you look directly to the camera like
    “speaking with the mind” really freaks me out!!

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