1. Why would you use a single feedline for a different up and downlink
    antennas, i.e. why not use two different paths entirely? It seems to only
    have disadvantages…

  2. Great to see the actual effect of adjusting filter components.

    But now I’m really confused. I can see a VHF signal entering the board and
    then splitting between the two filters. The VHF filter passes the signal
    on to the antenna but what happens with the UHF filter? Is the VHFsignal
    absorbed, in which case you lose 1/2 of your RF power or is it reflected
    back which could wreak havoc with your VSWR?

    Good ol’ mind numbing RF.

  3. as always a great video tutorial, how can i adjust the filters without a
    spectrum analyzer and just an oscilloscope and signal generator please.
    many thanks for your commitment.

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