1. This look is inspired by the 1950′s. I love this style of Makeup!! It
    reminds me of some of the most iconic women like Marilyn Monroe and
    Elizabeth Taylor!! Enjoy guys!! Hope you love this look!

  2. You sound a bit different in this video, or maybe that’s just me… LOL

    Beautiful look. You even match your nail!

    Btw, I bought WnW Fergie Eyeshadow Primer, because I saw you use it and
    because I am now low in eye primer, and now I’m in love with it! Thank you
    for showing me this product!

  3. Such a stunningly beautiful look! I swear, you look just like a real
    Hollywood movie star! As, I totally love this look SO much.

  4. Eman, I would also really appreciate if you give me some advice. I want to
    buy a highlighter but I don’t know which one is good. I want to use for
    everyday looks. If you recommend me something you think is good I would
    definitely buy it :) Thank you! 

  5. I watched every tutorial inspired by this movie and 1920s are the only look
    which is different. Every other is the same. But you are beautiful Eman!! 

  6. Good tutorial,but I believe it’s very important that you say what products
    you’re using,wether it be in the video,or the description bar.. The entire
    reason people watch YouTube is to recreate looks,therefore it is critical
    to detail the products used. 

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