1. Learn how to do this 3D Split-Twist Braid Hairstyle. Thumbs up if you likey
    and let me know which look was your favorite. ^_^

  2. Your hairstyles always make me think “Why didn’t I think of that?” They’re
    are so obvious and easy!

  3. Do you sit in your room and think of ways to do your hair? It’s interesting
    to see Youtubers create such unique hairstyles that I would never think of.

  4. Hi nee aunty I m Hrithika (pronounced Rithika my H is silent ) I m 11years
    old I stay in middle east U.A.E. I m a biggest fan of you I like your
    hairstyles alot I try it in my mom ‘s hair and I m seeing your hairstyles
    from many years . I just like your hairstyles alot bye aunty

  5. This is so flipping amazing! I have seen other females around campus rock
    this hairstyle but never quite grasped how to do it myself. Thank you so
    much Bebexo for this tutorial. Will definitely be trying it out soon. :) 

  6. I am growing my hair and it is growing like a weed as I applied a vitamin e
    capsule. I washed out after a few hours. Please can you do easy school
    hairstyles as I’m always doing a ponytail.

  7. I love how simple and elegant this is, I’m gonna start doing my braids like
    this. If you don’t mind me asking, where do you get your ideas from? Thanks
    for the beautiful look!

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