I’m usually like 5 minutes “ups, no wait- oggggghh, lets erase that bit.
    Yeeeeaahh… like tha- NOT AGAIN, AGH”
    I’m sorry. You’re the chosen one and therefore I need to sacrifice you and
    feed you to the Cat Lord so I get your magical cat winged eyeliner

  2. This has been extremely helpful Shonagh, Thank you so much. I was
    wondering do you have any tips for us glasses wearers. My issue is I wear
    glasses and when I take them off, I’m blind as a bat and unfortunately
    can’t wear contact lenses. So I can barely see to do my eye make up, even
    with a magnified lens!! So, I end up getting dead close to the mirror,
    knocking the ends of my brushes and eyeliner into the mirror which then
    poke me in the eyes or face and making a ridiculous mess of my eyes, lol.
    Then by the time I finally get some sort of eye look done, I stick my
    glasses on and all my hard work almost disappears behind them. So its got
    to the stage now that I barely go to the effort of doing much with my eyes,
    just liner and mascara which is a bit dull and boring and I personally hate
    not having striking eyes. Do you have any tips for us glasses wearers, for
    applying (blindly!!) and styles that can actually be seen? I’d love to
    hear them if you have any tips. Thanks for sharing this, its invaluable
    info. Lee xx

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    When I say I struggle to do this, I mean I struggle! Maybe a should invest
    in some good gel eyeliner and a brush. Once again great video! 

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    how do you remove all of that? I use very lil eyeliner & i struggle to get
    it off & i generally use pencil. It’s funny because it will smudge before i
    can wipe it off lol. Go figure! !

  5. Love the wing liner, amazing :) I have a YouTube channel too, it would be
    great if you could check it out and let me know what I could do to improve :) x

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    Thank you
    You are a great make up Artist

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    The liquid bothers me.. So I was wondering were I can buy that stuff?

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