1. I love the outift but I feel like the skirt already had a pretty pattern
    going on and she is wearin matching shoes and matching shirt, the necklace
    was too much, a gold necklace would of complimented the outfit better, and
    the eye shadows I dont really like. I think she should of stuck to pastels
    or natural fresh spring look. But still love you Dulce and you are
    beautiful as always! XO

  2. why don’t people like this look? i think is super pretty and complimentary
    for brown eyes! green eye shadow makes brown eyes pop!

  3. I do like the pink on your lids, I feel like a lighter green would have
    looked better with it and made the look pop more and be more spring.

    Btw also love the clutch

  4. I’m not sure if it’s the combination of colors or the pigmentation, but
    this look just didn’t do the job. It almost looks like you tried to cover
    up black eyes with makeup…idk but I’m sure you’ll have more spring
    tutorials I’ll love

  5. Your channel inspires me so much dulce I love how u don’t his videos keep
    it up Hun can’t wait til my channel is as big as yours

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