Alpha M Hairstyle Tutorial | Aaron Marino’s Hairstyle | Men’s Medium Length Hairstyle

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  1. If I had your hair, ı would be going for a way different style. I honestly
    think you are wasting your hair’s potential.

  2. Hey guys, I use a flat iron to straighten my hair everyday cause my hair is
    super curly and I can’t style it without doing that. I do use a heat
    protector spray on my hair before hand…but how bad am I damaging my hair?
    I don’t want it falling out a few years from now. 

  3. If anyone struggles with finding a hair product like I used to, you should
    try Londa Swap It Shaper Gel. It’s seriously the best product I ever tried,
    you don’t need more than 1.5-2.5 pumps (very maximum) to get your hairstyle
    on point, the bottle will last long and the effects of the gel itself will
    last you even 2 days if needed (you’ll just dip your hands in water
    slightly, run it through your hair, fix the imprefections and it will be
    perfect) but I recommend using it every day. The biggest pro of that
    product is it’s strength and it’s dry look. I really hate hair products
    that are super wet and shiny and this makes it look like I barely had any
    hair gel.

  4. I’m an extremely confident man, but I’m too scared of trying new hair
    styles, I’ve had the same “faux mohawk” for the longest time now, I don’t
    know what fits my style, all I can say it that I’m a tall, big shouldered
    male but I seriously can’t find a new style, I get tired of it you know?

  5. What hair product should I use? This paste I’m using isn’t working well. I
    want something that has some shine and holds really well. Any

  6. I watch because you have such a fierce mane. I myself lost most of my hair
    about 25 years ago. Used to have very thick hair. I can still remember what
    my scalp feels like when I ran my hands through hair.

    While I’ll admit a bit of sour grapes, I definitely don’t miss those
    time-consuming days in the 80s of styling, blowdrying, product, and paying
    stylists who’d enjoy giving me the biggest hair they could. They were all
    named Cheryl. 

  7. yep i was still watching cos i could definitely use some tip here or there
    as i am not 100% satisfied with my hairstyle :D 

  8. Haha.. modern quiffs I tell you! Great video +alpha m. I wish my blow dryer
    could do a cold blow dry..
    #sorryhair #immablowdryyouhotanyways

  9. alpha why would you try to sell dvds? were not in the 90s anymore. You
    should have gone with an online membership, go back to the tank

  10. I just rub my palm counter-clockwise from left to right on my hair line and
    then adjust a little bit here and there. That works for me, I like it

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