1. We really look forward to make another CRAZY collaboration with you &
    record more amazing videos together. You’re making such an awesome impact
    on the football community by sharing #TutorialThursday ‘s! #BIGRESPECT –

  2. Helft mir ! Wir schaffen das gebt den Kommentar einen +1 das helft mir auch
    sehr viel ! :) Danke

  3. +SkillTwins – Tutorials – Gameskills – Freestyle Hi my name is Marino i’m
    twelve im going to 7th grade these all skill moves are easy to me i like
    backheel skill moves im from croatia i have talent i know because i know
    every skill move i play well with my weak foot(left) my coach did said me
    that im ronaldo really but some of them laughing beacuse they were angry
    because he didnt say that to him.Whem i hear children playing football
    something in my body like reacts i start running like 1 km and im not tired
    because they play you two have awesome channel and awesome skill moves im
    good at panna soccer.When im playing football and i pass opponent they say
    your skill moves are stupid(right/left roullete,panna,rainbow,berba
    spin).My only weak side is that i don’t have much power to kick the ball
    like Select for futsall.I think that i can do better but my friends are
    laughing to me and “keeping” me away when we play football on P.E they
    chose me last one and they don’t pass to me because they now i don’t pass
    very much i like through balls.Thry are screaming at mee when i dont pass
    to them but there is no chance because they are guardimg them in my brain i
    have visual where do i need to give the ball

  4. Hey freekickerz Team ich schaue euch schon lange und finde euch echt gut
    ich würde mich freuen wenn ihr mal ein totorial von diesem Schuss über
    Kreuz machen könntet Danke 

  5. I really want to meet the skill twins.
    Hi skill twins i i would love to meet u i play for the Chelsea academy u11
    you should come and visit the team. Our coach my even show u round the
    ground (we train at Stanford bridge every day 4:00pm to 8:00pm

  6. Wow i always do the first skill when i play street football but i hit it
    with my laces instead of backheeling it!

  7. ────────▄▀▀═════════════▀▀▄

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