1. your application method makes so much sense and looks so much better than
    all these girls slathering this stuff all over their face with a paint

  2. Love you sooo much :) I’m leaving to the air force next month and I would
    like to know how to wear makeup but still look natural. Can you please do a
    tutorial on that? Xoxo :) 

  3. You’re so beautiful it’s almost intimidating! Then you blast out this mega
    cool laid back personality and all of a sudden we’re all best friends haha.
    Love this video!xx 

  4. I love u so much sonjdra ! Just a lil note. Can u watch into the lense and
    not the view finder constantly? It kinda makes me nervous

  5. Your demeanor is so “laid back” and earthly …seem really relatable and as
    a plus you’re GORGEOUS lol love your channel Hun keep it up! ❤️❤️

  6. You are so flawless you seriously have mad skills! Just found your channel
    and think I’ve fallen in love with it! :) 

  7. Did it the highlight smudge throughout the day ? Because you didn’t set it.
    And on the eyes too ? I want to get this cream contour but I’m oily and I
    don’t want it smearing everywhere if I don’t set it ! :( 

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