1. So you mentioned color schemes in your tutorial, do you have any places
    that you suggest to get good color schemes? thanks, and great tutorials!!

  2. Hey, Andrew! Long time fan! Awesome job with this one. The style seems a
    step outside what you normally do. I love it! I work at a TV station and
    noticed that the editors of the Maury Povich show are also big fans of
    yours! This season’s title sequence uses an animation straight from your
    Advanced Spin FX Tutorial! Made me laugh, thought I’d share. Sorry I
    couldn’t find a picture online. :(
    Anyways, good luck in 2015!

  3. Oh man I was waiting for something like this! Thanks Video CoPilot! You
    always help me out with projects like these :D 

  4. I really love the that “LOCK” version hope we could get the project file to
    study it as you said… that It’ll be uploaded on the website… Please?
    haha! Cheers!

  5. I am using Lenovo laptop with win 8.1,i7 4th gen,Nvidia gt750 but after
    effects running slowly while ram review and rendering and sometimes crash..
    Any solution for that?

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