1. Been excited for this since you talked about it on your snapchat story!
    You’re so gorgeous, and this look is beautiful :) 

  2. That was the best outro ever! So cute! Also, I just wanted to say that I
    have mad respect for you. So cool of you to show your support for other
    fellow YouTubers. You deserve every bit of success you have. You are
    talented, humble, and gorgeous on both the inside and outside. I admire

  3. OMG JACLYN :’) seriously had no idea this tutorial was using my foursome, I
    just saw the thumbnail and thought “woo! That looks awesome! Must watch”
    and then nearly cried of joy when I saw the boxxxxxxx! I want to thank you
    so so so so much! What you said in the intro was so nice! It means so much
    to me! You know (and so do all my subbies lol) how much I support and love
    ya! Thanks again!!!!!!! Xoxo 

  4. Basically I love everything you do ; D This was insanely gorgeous! I’m
    really torn between why I love this video so much ~ all the sparkle or the
    bloopers at the end … your nieces are adorable! ~ xo’s

  5. Your nieces are just delicious, can’t imagine how much fun you three must
    have together. I’m a new subscriber and I think you’re delightful. But can
    I ask that you don’t promote real mink lashes? They may claim to be
    “naturally shed” but mink are wild animals and these lashes are likely from
    fur-farms, a terribly cruel industry. Mink belong in the wilds, not crammed
    into cages on death row. Thank you for your consideration.

  6. Jaclyn! (or anyone else who’d like to help meeee) I have trouble making the
    eyeshadows on my eyes look vibrant. I’ll use very intense colors and they
    just like.. look blah on my eyelids! It’s so frustrating! The colors don’t
    look smooth or sharp or anything they just look muddled and bland. :( Any

  7. I see that you have 1700 comments already so I know that mine will be
    pointless buttttt I love your work, the little that I know about makeup is
    because of you and I thank you for making me feel beautiful. Love the
    ending with your nieces they are awesome!!! <3 <3 <3

    haha she’s prob passed out on the floor somewhere !! So happy for her
    always talking about Jaclyn… MY TWO FAVES <3 xxx

  9. I saw that highlighter, paused the video went to colourpop and looked like
    a crack head and nothing… Just saw they aren’t listed lol! Wahhhh 

  10. Please let your sister know that her girls are precious and she is doing a
    great job!

    I love seeing your special relationship with them too. So sweet. 

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