1. You look so pretty you did great lol what name brand is the fork you
    used??? Lol jk…I loved it thumbs up. You should try Merida from brave I
    think that’s her name eh that accent is so cute.

  2. Sha-la-la-la my oh my
    Look at the boy too shy
    He ain’t gonna like da girl.

    Sha-la-la-la my oh my
    Look at the boy too shy
    He’s gonna thumbs up da girl

  3. I am going to go all Harry Potter on you so just bear with me. 1.if you
    ever get rid of red hair do Hermione. 2. Next do Ginny. 2. Then bleach to
    very, very , very, VERY light blonde and do Luna. Also one last thing.
    GRYPHINCLAW for the win!!!!!!(lol see what I did there?)

  4. lol. Im a guy and still dont know why I watch this since Im not gonna do
    it. I guess I’ll just share it with muh GF.
    Also, as a guy with long hair (I can almost sit on it XD), that much
    hairspray make my hair hurt. I’ve never used hair spray, but seems like it
    hurts when you brush it.

  5. Somebody already mentioned Khaleesi, and well, let’s be honest…we know
    Elsa is coming…so…hmmmm…

    How about Jessie of Team Rocket fame!?!

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