1. How do you keep your eyelashes to stay on all day and night? I find it very
    difficult to keep them stay on .. always looses grip either outer or inner
    corner. Btw love this look! ♡

  2. Just got a new chi chi eyeshadow set and need a smoky brown eye for our
    show I’m in desperate need of help HELP 

  3. I was so confused by the title and then realised you live in New Zealand!

    I LOVE THIS LOOK! Especially the lips :) ❤️

  4. Iv replayed you applying your lip products 3 times now! You make it look so
    easy I suck at applying lipliner I need to start practicing. I love a dark
    lip on you, you pull it of so well x

  5. Love the video Shannon! You all created such beautiful looks! :) (wishing
    it was autumn here in America!) Ilysm xx

  6. It feels so weird when some youtubers say “it’s currently autumn/winter”
    and my first thought is “what its almost summer!!” But then I remember that
    the weather isn’t the same all over the world lol

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