1. The one and ONLY thing I will EVER dislike about your videos is when you
    don’t include the bloopers/delete scenes/whatever at the end! I LIVE for
    those clips, you’re the funniest person ever, and I cannot get enough of
    your sarcasm and whit! You are true role model material. If my son or
    daughter ever idolize anybody in their lives, I hope it’s someone with your
    morals, kindness and acceptance. 

  2. Ugh, this is so lovely <3 But I'm gonna ask a dumb question: what exactly
    is Avant Garde? Like an experimental look or something? O.O

  3. You have done the 7 deadly sins before, if you choose to do another series
    like that, I would LOVE to see you do the 12 zodiac signs.

  4. Just wonderful ! Thank you for sharing it with us.
    Ps: I love your hair how did you do this perfect white platinum hair?
    Thank you if you respond .
    Fan from France

  5. It’d be really cool if you did a Rosie the Riveter to Rosie the Zombie (or
    bombing victim?????)

  6. OMG, I love your videos so much!!!!!! I never even do special FX or
    dramatic makeup but I love watching your tutorials so much. They’re
    entertaining and always so beautiful! Never stop!!!!!

  7. Your videos are just the most AMAZING quality. So impressive. You are one
    of the few true creatives on YouTube, and you’re very inspirational!

  8. this look is giving me ‘Ke$ha from her ‘Take It Off’ music video’ vibes and
    I’m living for it!

  9. Oh my gawd mykie I love your videos so much. They’re so inspiring and
    funny. Amazing videos every time

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