Barry’s Game Grumps EDITING TUTORIAL (Adobe Premiere CS6) – GrumpOut

Well, less “tutorial” and more “hey listen to me ramble about editing for an hour.” Tweet at Barry ▻ The finished episode ▻…


  1. Is there a benefit to rendering with 2 pass? I’ve only noticed that it
    doubles my render time because it seems to be running it twice.

    Alt + Mouse wheeling to zoom is nice for accuracy but I have zoom in / out
    bound to the B and N keys, so they’re nicely along that bottom row with
    stretch (x), cut and move. You might find you love it!

    Learned the tildr key and deleting between clips from this, thanks Barry :) 

  2. TBH, I’d watch another one easily.

    This was suprisingly interesting, it actually made me want to try my hand
    at editing. (Now only if recording software wasn’t such a piece of shit.)

  3. Arin and Suz went to the grocerystore at 12 AM?
    Do they have stores in the U.S that are open 24/7?
    (I’m obviously not from the U.S, sorry for asking dumb questions)

  4. It would definitely be cool to see another one done now, if anything’s
    changed or done by Kevin to see his own style. Trying to get into editing
    myself and it’s hugely interesting and helpful to see this kinda thing.

  5. id like to be an editor like Barry or Kevin on a series like Game Grumps
    coz it just seems more fun, like you expect all this funny randomness over
    other series. Then again I guess a lot of people have certain random bits.
    I guess technically you can call this the JonTron style of editing since
    that’s where Barry learned this style specifically from. I think

  6. When I edit videos for the gaming channel my friends and I have, I usually
    fuck around with nearly every sentence we say so it’s all the same volume.
    Having a preset like that would make it so much easier. I know splitting a
    10 minute audio file into about 50 sections is stupid and takes super
    long, but without a preset it gives it the best quality possible. All this
    to say, I would love to be able to have access to that preset.

  7. So I actually have to say thank you Barry. I’m a new Let’s Player and I
    never really thought about doing the sync thing… But it makes some of my
    recordings (I.E. something like doing Five nights where it doesn’t record
    with Camtasia but does record with Fraps) A lot easier. I was so stressed
    about how I was going to get them to sync up and make it work and now that
    I know what the grumps do and that that’s a common problem.. I know how to
    work around it and get it to be all… Good and shit

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