1. This game has so much gas that when Hitler plays it he sheds a tear of how
    beautiful it is.

  2. Lmao i recognized 2 of those emblems.. They were from the last 2 animes i
    watched coincidentally.. They were the main characters of kill la kill and

  3. Ayy, wait. Waitwaitwaitwaitwait.
    Is the frictionless guy on Riptide supposed to be a smooth criminal?

  4. Stooopid muricans, why u no go to eu servers, ? I live in africa and mai
    ping is near big as my pet elephant and i get ez kills in us servers cus u
    stoopid muricans have shit internet with low pings hahahaahahahahahah

  5. I’m new here but Holy fuck I am glad I found this channel! This was
    Hilarious and I was Laughing my ass of, which I rarely do anymore!

    But damn bro (LIKED)-Subscribed & Shared via FB! You definitely have a Ton
    of Potential dude, keep up the great and funny content bro. :D 

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