1. lol. I had the same question that some people have asked: what happened to
    the undercut? I could be wrong but I’m assuming this video was recorded
    beforehand because I can’t think of any method that could grow back hair
    that fast…….in just a few short weeks. if so, send me the product! :-)
    anywho, not only that, she stated in the undercut video that she cut off a
    good amount of her hair because the ends were like “scruff mcgruff”, lol.
    here, the length is still the same & so are her ends. therefore, I think it
    is safe to conclude that this video was filmed prior to the new style that
    I would LOVE to see her rock! by the way, this style is cute…

  2. O.0 coming on this video thinking, oh oh I wanna see which hair she sewed
    in the middle, lol …. you are da bawse! Think I should try this entwine
    line cause chile and youtubers this big chop *giggles* I feel like taking
    it off and sell to Scotch Brite, I smell money

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