1. I don’t even fix my hair, I keep it up in a bun or ponytail. I just came to
    watch you fix your hair. Is that creepy?

  2. Definitely going to try twisting my ends when curling next time. I love
    the way you curled your bangs, for some reason I find that the hardest part

  3. Desi can you please post a picture of your whole hair on twitter with no
    filter? :c I’m going to the hairdresser in a few weeks to change my color
    and I really want a color similar to yours and for that I need a picture to
    show them. I looked through your Ig pics but none showed your whole hair
    like so the hairdresser could get a good picture of the color, sorry if I’m
    creepy but I just love your hair and color :c

  4. My hair is super straight, and when I curl them, 5-7 minutes pass and they
    are straight again, could you give some advice? BTW, you look stunning!

  5. u got ur roots done right ? ur hair looks blonder… ehehehe I am gonna
    attempt to recreate ur hair color tomorrow = ) Wish me luccck !

  6. I’m scared to put any products into my bellamis. Aside from heat
    protectant. Just cause I don’t really want to always be washing them? How
    do you do it?? 

  7. Love it!! I need me some guy tang extensions in my life!! About to hit up
    Sally’s for my broke add hahaha…. 

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