1. Oh Teni, I just adore you! Another GORGEOUS look! I have a crazy
    question…how do get your backgrounds to be different colors? I love it! 

  2. wow this is beautiful teni, I love how it turned out. I make videos too,
    I’d love if you could check them out <3

  3. @tenipanosien gorgeous look! I’m sure it’s second nature to you, but loved
    the tip about holding tissue under eye. I usually just fix the mess. Now,
    I’ll just use tissue! :) )

  4. Teni, you are a bombshell without any makeup on. This look is amazing. That
    kitten eyeshadow needs to be in my life right meow! The effect was
    instantaneous! Wow! ♡

  5. Your talent is evident! Your natural bone structure is stunning and even
    when you have not yet done any ‘contouring’ your face always is perfectly
    contoured because of the great form of your cheek bones =)

  6. WAUWIE! Definately going to try this!!! I love your tutorials not only
    because you are SO good and explain things easy but because I have the
    exact same eye collor and I allready know it will look good on me also!
    Thank you so much beautifull

  7. I love this look! :) Also, I’m so envious of how you can fully keep one eye
    open steadily with the other closed. It must make it so much easier to do
    your eye makeup!

  8. you’re so perfect! I wonder how you got this background, it looks amazing!

    I invite everyone to check out my beauty channel where you will find lots
    of reviews and girly talk! ^^ feel free to rate, comment & subscribe :) 

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