1. Was it just the camera or something, because your hair looks a bit pink –
    anyways, I love all your hairstyles and videos!!!

  2. I loved the curls themselves before you began the style. Your naturally
    straight hair is gorgeous as well Anita! Love this braided style thanks for
    sharing it, definitely up my alley the whole Grecian thing! :D

    <3 <3 <3

  3. Those jumbo curlers are a life savior! They make every style so much
    easier. Thanks for the tutorial.

  4. I loved this look and tried to recreate this morning… But I was a bit
    confused because my hair is longer and I wasn’t sure how to handle the
    extra length. I loved the way it looked from the front but from the back,
    it felt awkward because if I put extra hair in the twist it hung strange
    but if I put it above the pin, then it was very long. Any suggestions if I
    try it again?

  5. Your hairstyles are so beautiful! This one looks like something I could do
    as well! I must find those jumbo rollers though, they look really handy : )
    Although Im sure my husband would make fun of me if he sees me in them LOL

  6. I love this look its so soft and romantic looking! I actually prefer the
    look on its own as I think its special enough that doesn’t need an

  7. Well done with your tutorials. They are very interesting. I would like to
    ask you from we’re can I buy those foam rollers? Or what is the brand pls?
    thanks and keep it up your fantastic work and keep on inspiring us….

  8. love this look!
    also, is there any chance you could do a hairstyle for long thin hair? my
    hair is the length of your extensions but I have about as much of it as
    your natural hair. Is there any way you could attach only a few wefts and
    do a hairstyle for long, fine hair? because most times it’s hard to achieve
    anything that looks good with it…

  9. Its awesome…i was going out this weekend for wedding now finally i know
    what hairstyle i have to do thank u +Lilith Moon n u look gorgeous in all
    hairstyle..hope i do it well and it look good on me also… thanks for all
    lovely tutorials..:) love you +Lilith Moon 

  10. Если у меня не было тебя, мои волосы будет довольно скучно на Новый год .
    Спасибо большое! Я не могу ждать, чтобы носить эту прическу!! :) 

  11. cela fait plusieurs fois que j’essaie de faire une sorte de chignon
    “ébouriffé” sans réussir. Ce tuto était celui que j’attendais: merci

  12. I have naturally curly hair, 3B, and I LOVE how many of your styles can be
    done on my hair texture, which is so nice because for so long I did not
    know that anything unique could be done with my hair. You are my favorite
    hair guru. Anytime I wear one of these hair styles I get so many
    compliments and always refer others to your channel. 

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