1. “y u no haz name…” HAHAHA i feel like I just quote you every time I
    comment on your vids but that’s cuz u funny so

  2. So gorgeous! Mine is on it’s way and I couldn’t be happier :D (actually,
    when it gets here and I see it, I will be happier lol)

  3. this is such a stunning look. I can’t wait to be able to purchase it in the
    UK! I am so happy for you, everything you’re doing is so exciting and aahh
    I’m just so excited for you. :’)

  4. Hey Kathleen! I love your tutorials, but since I am a photographer I can’t
    hold myself from telling you that most of the times your image is
    underexposed, meaning that it’s a bit too dark for the eye. Put your camera
    on manual and move the exposure a bit higher. It will look more natural,
    professional and more glamorous! It actually attracts more viewers since
    the image is more appealing. Also, the skin imprefections will be less
    visible! No hate, just trying to help!

  5. I love your videos so much! <3 *it would really mean the world to anyone
    reading this to check my channel out? I am so close to 30k and I'm so
    grateful thank you!*

  6. Is there any special reason you used the real techniques sponge instead of
    the beauty blender? I want the beauty blender, but definitely don’t want to
    spend $20 buck on it.

  7. does anybody else hear that like static sound throughout the video
    especially at 12:05 ?? idk maybe its just my headphones :/ 

  8. Honestly, there is no one that deserves this success more than you! There
    is just such an amazing sense of humbleness and quality in everything you
    do. xx

  9. Any small youtubers wanna support each other by subscribing? :) & any small
    youtubers wanna collab? (I’m open to any suggestions!) :) :) <3<3<3

  10. You look so beautiful :) Do the shadows set and not transfer to the upper
    eye lid. I have issues with cream shadows doing that to me alot. I have not
    tried any color pop shadaws yet but I just love the colors in this set SOO
    soo SOO much. :) 

  11. Could you try do do a smaller intro? I have to skip a bit and I never get
    to the right spot. Luv ya Kathleen!

  12. I just ordered where the light is and lumiere lippie and pencil! Can’t wait
    to try this “Kathleen” look!

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