1. Hi, I was wondering if you can do Frank the bunny from the movie Donnie
    Darko, I think it would look so awesome, thanks. 

  2. Im never sure what you are saying at the beginning of your videos.
    Is it “‘Ello, im Kay” or “‘Ello, im gay” or “‘Ello, well yay”???

  3. I haven’t seen this spider-man… I have a cap with spider-man That’s
    getting chased by venom getting chased by carnage… But I don’t know who
    he is?

  4. claps VERY well done friend. I’m glad you didn’t do the trend of doing the
    wide mouth on the neck and kept the look really true to the Carnage from
    the comics and the animated series.

    This is really impressive

  5. +Pinkstylist can’t you pull the very bottom edge away from your chin so you
    would be able to talk, and it would stay stiff, and look like the mouth and

  6. You should totally do Emporio Ivankov from One Piece, it might be silly and
    a little bit different from what you do normally but it would be so
    perfect, you’d be such a great Iva-sama! 

  7. 0-0 This looks amazing! :D Wow this is brilliant, such detail! I’d love for
    you to do Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul with his white hair and mask :D 

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