1. You are so amazing! I can’t stress enough how much I appreciate you and
    your videos, and how much you have helped me, not just with makeup but also
    with life in general and being confident and happy with life. I love you
    and hope you never stop doing what you’re doing! xo

  2. Gorgeous look! I have also been thinking Carrie has been looking so great
    lately. Especially her brows! I think she has let them grow in a bit and
    her makeup artist is doing amazing things with her. Not that she needs it,
    she’s so gorgeous!

  3. Whatttttt?! This is first time in a LONG time I’ve seen you apply your eye
    shadow in a different way than you always do- you didn’t even use the E36
    to add a color around the border of your crease shade! Two thumbs up for
    switching it up Em! I used Frat Boy today as my blush, it’s just a
    stunning, no-fuss color! And I’m really surprised to hear you’re liking the
    Becca foundation- both the ultimate coverage and matte foundations were SO
    BAD for me! And like 5 of my girlfriends that also tried them! It’s soooo
    thick, heavy and cakey looking on me no matter how I apply it or any other
    factor for that matter! This look is stunning on you and I need to find
    that CG quad, stat! Happy new year to you, Tyler and Belle!!! And happy
    belated birthday!

  4. Looking forward to your review of the Becca foundation. I am also trying a
    sample of this. Although, my skin type is different than yours – oily with

  5. Absolutely beautiful as always, Emily! You’re the one person on YouTube I
    make sure I never miss a video of. Your work, dedication and genuine
    personality have kept me hooked for years. You definitely triggered my
    interest in makeup!

  6. I love that L’Oreal lip product! They are pigmented and not sticky! In my
    December favorites video I talked about one that I think you would love…
    its shade plum adagio! Check it out :) 

  7. Wonderful tutorial and beautiful, as always! Out of curiosity, what are
    your thoughts on Beauty Blenders? I have heard so much about them, but have
    never seen you use or reference one (if you have, so sorry for missing
    it!). I value your opinion on this kind of thing so much that I wondered
    what your advice would be on the potential investment.

  8. Absolutely love Carrie Underwood and I got so excited when I saw you did
    this look. Gorgeous!! Your hair looks so beautiful too! (Can’t wait till
    Carrie has her baby boy yay)

  9. I love your tips on better makeup application, etc. Love these vids so
    much. Thank you and hope you feelbetter asap!

  10. Your skin is looking beautiful Emily!! (It always does, but especially
    today) :) can’t wait for that becca foundation review! I’m 14 & love
    makeup. Your videos make me so happy! I give you major probs for juggling
    mommy life and still giving us great videos. Hope you, baby Belle and Tyler
    are all well. 

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