1. What a beautiful look! I really really liked the cooler contour color on
    you!! And the lip color was stunning as well!! Xoxo

  2. I’ve been watching you since you started on YouTube and I just wanted to
    say that your videos have gotten even more amazing! This one in particular
    had a great talk through on your techniques and thought process (like when
    you added the black shadow to define you lid space more!) and it is SOOOOOO
    helpful!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!! 

  3. I’m sorry but you are SO Beautiful without makeup! This makeup look is
    still really gorgeous, but you are so beautiful without makeup.

  4. I’m looking to buy mac studio fix fluid foundation. However, I don’t have a
    store near me, do you have any recommendations on how i could buy online
    but pick my shade?

  5. Oh! BTW, Milan blushes will do that to u, makes u look like u were kissed
    on the cheek by a fairy, just ethereal like, working my way up to owning
    them all.

  6. I’m obsessed with your videos! I love how you use many different brands and
    also how you have such a light hand but still pull of gorgeous looks each
    time. Keep up the great work :) 

  7. I love the Milani Baked blushes. My fave is ‘Luminoso” no idea on how to
    spell that. Their new tea rose blushes are pretty bomb too. Love this look!
    I have hooded eyes so it’s nice to see such an in depth tutorial on them. 

  8. I love all Of your looks. I am pretty new in makeup and I really don’t know
    how to use all the type of brushes
    Could you please be so kind and make a tutorial for like Real Beginners lol
    like me
    Thx a Bunch !!! Big Fan of your work

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