1. If one day you plan to do another tutorial with this palette, I would love
    to see how you use that purple shimmery shadow. I’ve never seen anybody
    using it in a tutorial before.

  2. Any suggestions for an inexpensive brand for eye brushes? Love this look
    and so excited to get this palette next weekend!! 

  3. Surprisingly, I SO prefer this Too Faced Chocolate Bar over my Anastasia
    Palette or any palette I own. It’s definitely perfect for those who just
    started makeup, in my opinion. And it smells soooo good yaaaaaas <3

    OH that moment when hooded eye/monolid people have to draw the eyeliner so
    thick…I literally have to almost erase all the main color for my liner to
    show because I have monolids. 

  4. Hey Jen (or I suppose anyone who knows the answer), I thought you had
    monolids? I have monolids myself and I’ve been trying for months to get a
    crease using eyelid tape but I recently gave up. It tooled like you had
    creases (that sounds odd) I’m this video

  5. Can you clarify on matching red blush with red lipstick? I have heard, yes
    wear a red toned blush with red lips. And I have heard, no only wear
    neutral colored blushes and sometimes only bronzer with red lips. Which is

  6. How would use the bolder colours in your palettes? Since most palettes come
    with at least 1-2 crazy colours like blues, greens, purples with the rest
    being neutral. Thanks :) love ya!

  7. Really loved the tutorial. And I love the advice that you gave on matching
    then colors of the cheeks and lips. I never thought of that. Also what was
    that on your lash line? Was that leftover eyeshadow from before?

  8. Hi Jen, I’ve been watching your videos for a long time. Since it’s
    generally hard to find comfortable brushes for Asian eyelids, I’ve always
    wanted to know what brushes you usually use. It’ll be great if you would
    make a video introducing you recommended brushes and I believe a lot of
    people with hooded or mono flat eyelids are struggling with buying brushes
    that work for them as good as the brushes that work for people with visible
    deep creases.

  9. I’m dying to get this palette – looks like it’s worth it! Great tutorial.
    Oh and you’re so close to a million subscribers! Hope you get it :) 

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