1. Girl Girl Girl….we’re really getting spoiled by you in this video!!!! I
    love it lol the fact that it’s a talk through, and sharing your fun fromthe
    weekend and showing us some fun little bloops and singing which i LOVE lol
    also getting a mini review from your foundation and also a few tips and
    info on how you’re currently doing your brows! :) I don’t know if I’m the
    only one appreciative of all that but everyone should be! That’s not
    normally in all your videos at once! Thank you!!!! :) I love this look on
    you. Warms are definitely YOUR thing rock it XOXOX

  2. Am i the only one who hasn’t seen the movie or read the book ? I feel like
    iv been hiding under a rock for the past year or so haha

  3. Those lashes didn’t do you any favors. For day time they are very aging.
    Could you do some realistic eye looks for teachers, lawyers, nurses, young
    moms going out to lunch with other young moms, students?? In other words,
    90% of your viewers. You can use your Morphe palette (which is kinda
    obvious isn’t your favorite brand) but give a few versions for the above
    demographic. Would be great. Thanks.

  4. i have super dry skin and i’m in love with this foundation. i have found
    that it works better with a silicon based primer rather than none or with
    just the primer water. 

  5. +Jaclyn Hill or anyone please answer this for me,. When being generous with
    fix plus or charged water,there is no way of avoiding the eyes and when I
    open my eyes or sometimes don’t even need to open my eyes the e/s integrity
    changes and gets lighter in pigmentation. The MAC rep told me to cover my
    eyes with my hand and thats what they do to their clients but I feel like i
    never see any you tubers do that, and with the amount of fix plus they use
    i would think the e/s changes and it does on me so I need help with that

  6. Updated skincare routine please!!!! Your skin is sooo flawless and your
    last one was a lil over 2 years ago. I need to know what you use lol

  7. This video reminded me of your old videos you just seemed super chill and
    this comment doesn’t mean I don’t love all your videos it was just old
    school like when you had 40k followers instead of the almost 2 mil now lol
    I hope this made sense 

  8. Watching that movie in the theater was so ANNOYING for me, because there
    were a bunch of minors in there with their little friends.
    Like…………how did you even get in here?! You’re in middle school

  9. I haven’t used the foundation but from what u hear it’s super heavy full
    coverage, maybe if you mix it with something it might sheer it out and work

  10. Hi +Jaclyn Hill you are so mesmerising to watch ! you can talk about
    anything and i won’t get sick of watching you talk !! I was wondering would
    you consider doing a talk through/make – up tutorial for some one who has
    smaller eye lids, I would love to re create your looks but I always
    struggle because I have little / hooded eyes :( :( xox from a girl who is
    sitting in front of her laptop on her bed alway in NZ . 

  11. I was thinking about that Nars foundation and I only seen ppl with oily
    skin talk about it so I was on the fence but I know u have dry skin like me
    so I think I will pass on it cuz it’s not like I need another foundation
    lol I just picked up the Armani luminous silk and I love it so much umm
    that’s all ur fault btw lol Love this eye look I will have to bust out my
    JH palette again :) )

  12. Lmao!! Your intro was hilarious! My boyfriends friend went to see 50 shades
    of grey with his girlfriend and not even kidding his mum showed up in the
    theatre and sat RIGHT between the both of them! Can anyone say AWKWARD?!
    Love this look Jaclyn beautiful always! :) 

  13. Love this foundation found it worked best applied with a beauty blender.
    Pressing into skin rather than buffing. I applied it in the early am and
    worked a 12 hr day got home and I could still see my blush and contour
    clearly. I can be dry / combo.

  14. When you said ‘mick the two together’, I totally knew you meant ‘mix’. I
    have a two year old who says ‘mick’ and ‘fick’ all of the time, so it
    didn’t even phase me. LOL! Loved this look. I have this palette and I’m SO
    going to try this look this week. TFS! XOXO Sarah

  15. I love your intro, your hilarious lol.. don’t change! I have not read the
    book either but I want to see the movie to see what all the talks about

  16. Yay! I was so hoping your next video was a smokey eye! No one does them
    better! I on the other hand, haven’t quite got it down yet. I’ll get there.
    Just keep making smokey eye videos for us please!! 

  17. +Jaclyn Hill do you think wearing shadow in the lower lid will make under
    eye wrinkles stand out? I have really bad wrinkles (I’m only 21) and I
    REALLY wanna have shadow in my lower lid/lashline without making my
    wrinkles pop lol 

  18. I love how the eye look turned out I need to get the Black liner. I
    actually had a dream that I went shopping to Sephora and bought the
    Anastasia contour palette, brow wiz, tarts new tube eyeliner and that Arden
    Eyeliner.. Then I forgot my bag at my parents and I live two hours away so
    I was super mad because I would have to wait a WHOLE week to go back and
    visit! Worst of all my sisters would dig their claws into my new products
    because they just would

  19. I don’t know if I missed something and just haven’t been paying attention..
    But does she not use concealer under her eyes anymore and just sets with
    banana and emphasize?

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