1. I know this is annoying but would any of you please be willing to check out
    my chan.? It’s my dream to have a chan. like this and I’m starting to give
    up :( 

  2. Woah u live in New Jersey? Me too. It’s been pretty warm lately and I felt
    today to be like a a summer day even tho it wasn’t anywhere near hot summer
    days can get here. I’m really loving this new weather. Love ur vid xoxo

  3. My baby showers coming up and I am looking for a makeup look that goes with
    my baby shower theme colors “pink, green and brown ” I hope you can help :)

  4. You’re so beautiful wow. I’ve been wanting to ask you for a long time, you
    contour your nose in every makeup look. Have you considered getting a nose
    job?? I don’t think you need one at all I’m just asking. 

  5. Hi Carli I love your videos! I’m from jersey to but I have a bigger accent
    maybe cause I’m from northern closer to New York? Are you central lol just

  6. You are always contouring your nose (unlike any other beauty guru) have u
    thought about getting a nose job instead? Not saying is big but u may be
    much more confident with it than what u are now, just saying ,, 

  7. Carli<3 I've learned so much from you! Thank you times a million =) BUTTTTT
    I have a request!!! You've never really done a video on how to cover up
    dark spots on the face. I know I know you probably don't have any plus you
    are fair skin. However, I'm latin and my skin is different. I have a yellow
    under tone and yes at times I get random spots. Either from acne or sun
    damage but the worst is covering it up =( Sometimes foundation just isn't
    enough and just like you covered your undereye circles first with a pinkish
    concealer and than with a yellow one I'm sure theres a trick for dark
    spots. Or even maybe you know some products or tips on how to treat them to
    eventually have them fade..? Who knows, but I would love your support on
    this! Hopefully you read this I know its long lol love yaaaaa mwah besitos

  8. Her eyes look half closed in the beginning of the video… It’s probably
    just the angle or something, but she seriously looks like she’s falling

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