1. I wanna share the tip I have. I use “LA. COLORS” Shimmering loose
    eyeshadow, from the family dollar store in place of the “Pearl Ex” and it
    works AMAZING and only cost $1. I know that some craft stuff can be pricey
    and I love when I can save money

  2. Love the bracelet! I want to make it for my grand daughter. I’ll have to
    wait a few years to give it to her. She is only 15mos old. Everything still
    goes in her mouth.

    Mulon is my favorite also. Please do tutorials about her. She is a very
    good role model for girls. Wonderful Disney movie, tragic real life story.

    Favorite line, “Curse on you! Curse on your family! Curse on your cow!…”

  3. My favorite princess is definitely sleeping beauty. And as much as I love
    the new remakes, I prefer the old classic cartoons.

  4. That looks lovely. I love the choice of blue too but then blue is one of my
    favorite colors. :) I would like to make a choker as well to match it. :P

    My favorite story is actually by Poe – The Raven. :D Not a really long for
    a story but long for a poem like it is classified as. I still like it.

    - Heidi

  5. This is absolutely PERFECT for my friend! Might alter it so that the
    butterflies are cupcakes or playing cards, and make it Alice in Wonderland
    themed (even more appropriate since that is her name :D ).

  6. So cute and shiny! ❤️ You could also place instead of two butterflies, a
    butterfly and one heel ❤️_❤️ Kisses from Venezuela xx

  7. I love this sooo much! I also have a question, if I don’t have a blue chain
    (and would like one) but cant find one, can I use a silver chain and paint
    it blue? If I can do I use a certain paint or just any! =)

  8. Oh my goodness this is adorable!
    I love Pocahontas, but I gotta admit Mulan is my favourite, girl power! (Ft
    Mushu) :3

  9. Alice in Wonderland is definitely my fav the whole story line is so well
    thought out and the major themes in the book are incredible!!

  10. I really want to see the movie Cinderella too!!! The ads look sooo good!!
    And the butterfly on your bracelet is so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I love this idea! <3 I gonna try this ,but not thaaat girly/ with
    Cindarella topic (My english sucks)
    Greets from Germany

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