1. How does your foundation/base last all day?!?! My skin starts getting
    patchy only after a few hours in school.. Whats your secret??? xx

  2. Love inspired tutorials. The ones that are original … wish more people
    would have done some Saint Patty’s day ones, but this was stunning. WOW. It
    looks so beautiful on you. 

  3. i think its so cool to see how much youve changed since the beginning of
    your videos and how much your skills have improved!! youre so talented!!

  4. Ahah, you make it look so easy. Definitely not gonna bother trying this.
    Patience is one thing. I’m another. LOL, but love you and you look
    absolutely stunning, x.

  5. Love the look!! And i really like your tutorials when u are just talking
    and not a voice over. Idky i just do

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