1. A dreeeeeeam is a wiiiihhhhhhsh your heart mayyyyykz wennnnurfaaaaast
    AHsleeeeeeeep! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and you learned something
    as everyone does when watching me videos. HA HA I’M SO COOL LA LA HA HA.

  2. hahahah Im suppose to be studying for my midterm, but nahhh when you upload
    a video I put my life on hold, ok back to reality.

  3. I literally am in love with your singing. Not to mention everything else in
    this video. I hope life is treating you well! <3 you're beautiful. 

  4. Your videos never cease to make my day. I just recently discovered you and
    you quickly became one of my favorite YouTubers. Thank you for being so

  5. Where did you get that adorable cloud purse?

    And yeeeessss <3 I loved the video~<3 and I'm super digging the flamingo
    dress/shirt/clothes o3o

  6. Also I just posted a parody vid on my channel and I would love if u guys
    would go over and check it out. I would die if @glowpinkstah saw it and
    told me what she thought!

  7. Your videos are so amazing and always make me laugh, and you’ve been one of
    my favourite youtubers for so long!!! :) 

  8. Lol I love these vids! Thanks for making them. Also your singing is just so
    incredible!! You should do a cover some time! c:

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