1. Can you do one with Pocahontis with her little woodpecker went on a rampage
    and went wood pecking everything even Pocahontas

    plz do it I’m a kid PLZ PLZ


  2. Maybe do Princess Tiger Lily from Peter Pan if she like drowned (since
    Cappin Hook had her tied up at that one point in the movie, maybe in an
    alternate universe threw her overboard and let her sink? Or maybe Kuzco
    from Emperor’s New Groove like half llama? XD

  3. Do coraline if buttons got sew into her eyes and then got like neddles in
    her face or something plz i love coraline

  4. Kat, you are so talented. SO talented, it’s crazy. And you’re funny and
    quirky, and stunningly beautiful. You’re just so gorgeous! Also, you have
    what are possibly THE most beautiful lips on the planet. I love you and
    I’m so glad you’re here on youtube so I get to hang out with you and watch
    your darkly beautiful imagination unfold. You’re the best, sincerely.

  5. A new video! This made my day. My life has literally been a living Hell for
    the past week, as my family found out I self-harm and my anxiety is at it’s
    highest. I started counseling and I can’t attend normal school anymore and
    things have been insane. And then new Kat Sketch video! I’ve been waiting!
    I think a makeup tutorial that would be pretty amazing is a Jack
    Skellington and Sally morphed together. Like a sewn together skeleton, or a
    skeleton-like ragdoll. Anyways, I love you and I cannot wait for more!

    -Keep Dancing!

  6. Pls Kat! Do Aurora like she was sleeping for 100 years and she looks like
    an oly piece of stone with leavs and i dunno pls

  7. I enjoy watching your videos especially your Disney princess! Im a big
    Disney fan and im also 12. Yes, I am aware but the blood doesn’t bother me.
    I just wanted to say the things that you do are amazing and maybe when im
    older I’ll do one of these! Just wanted to say thank you so much!

  8. I just had the best idea ever! What if the other racers in Sugar Rush beat
    up Vanellope! I’d imagine her blood would have sprinkles and glitter in it.
    Oops, that got a bit creepy

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