1. Those water physics are better than anything else I’ve seen in the past
    years. And it’s in a bloody city builder game?! 

  2. You mean to tell me this game doesn’t break when you lay roads? My god…
    You’re a wizard harry!
    Also, pardon my language… Your snapshot looks like a dick pic. Lol.

  3. I was a bit skeptical on whether I was going to buy this game or not due to
    the bad taste I still have from SimCity, but honestly, this map editor (and
    my love for editing maps) sold the game to me haha.

  4. about the slope tool. the c&c generals editor had a similar feature. the
    only difference is that it creates the slopes after setting the
    start/end-point. not by drawing between the two. it worked pritty well

  5. All these videos you make on the game makes me so hyped :P Been so long
    since i played a good city builder, i really hope this is one.

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