1. Man, why does a black smokey eye look good on everyone except on me. I
    blend blend blend and I still look like I got punched in the face every
    single time. 

  2. You look stunning no matter what, but ESPECIALLY with this eye look! And
    your hair looks perfect! You are so talented. Love your videos!

  3. Definitely love the classic smokey eye! Dramatic looks are the best and
    yours looks absolutely flawless! Your eyes are beautiful ahh girl you are
    just so perfect!

  4. Damn girl you are workin those shadows! Blending pro! Love it! I’m a sucker
    for a black smoky eye and you nailed it!
    Hey your face does not look cakey at all but I have a couple of tutorials
    where I felt that way about mine, which mine actually did due to my skin
    issues atm >.< so I know how you feel but just letting you know you don't
    look cakey at all to me

  5. Such a marvelous job my darling! Cake face or not, I’m sure this look
    would’ve turned out beautiful anyways lol 

  6. You that type of girl to go clubbing pick up a thick black guy. Have sex
    then when he wake up in the morning kick you out cus you an ugly dusty hoe
    without makeup on

  7. Mayra!! I have been subscribed.. &honestly, I love your videos so much,
    &you’re so gorgeous &have the BEST makeup, im like so jealous, like…
    giveaway?? Just kidding! But keep doing your thing, &bring more videos
    along!! Love youuu!!!!

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