1. Omg thank you sooo much for ur videos!!!!!♥♥Always been helpful!! I will
    also go out an buy the stencil as well cuz tbh I suck at putting on makeup
    lol this will definitely help me:D ♥ ur videos and always stay

  2. *SERIOUSLY* you need to stop being so dang gorgeous! You always make me so
    jelly : (! && can i jusy express how AMAZING your skin is?! I need to check
    out that blush, this was a phenomenal look :) ! Thanks for sharing it with

  3. Loved the eye makeup, but i think the stencils are a bit of waste of money
    as you can do your shadow and eye liner without it perfectly, and the plum
    liquid lipstick was amazing really went well with the look

  4. gorgeous glam girl. loving the eyelashes especially lolol
    i like your more in the neutral lipstick
    tfs :0)

  5. New Tutorial! Its a Classic #CoolToneMakeupTutorial using Beth Bender
    Beauty Eye Makeup Stencils! xoxo Hope you enjoy it! 

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