1. Hi Jen :) Please, plz reply :)
    What camera lens do you use?? The quality of your videos are AMAZING!!
    Thank you so much :D xxx

  2. Woah.. the way you put on eyeliner is like magic! I wish I could get the
    shape down that fast!! Beautiful look Jen n_n

  3. All of the shades in this look complement your skin beautifully! Can you
    please do an updated brow routine (if there’s any change in how you do your
    brows; they look a little different)?

  4. Just realized that there are lots of Jenns youtubers out there, like
    clothesencounters, meejmuse and You hehe. Btw, you look gorgeous!! 

  5. How come you never reply to comments??
    I love your videos and I think you are a great youtuber, but I don’t see
    you reply to your comments. Plz no hate, Jen is an awesome youtuber :) 

  6. Inter self giveaway if you want more subscribers on your YouTube channel. I
    will do this forever once a month so everyone can get a chance to win .
    Goodluck :) 

  7. (fixing my error: merged “this look is so” with “this looks so”, making
    “this looks is so” .-.)

    this looks so nice I will absolutely try this later haha <3 

  8. What powders do you recommend for acne pro skin but that still give a
    nAtural luminous finish❓,thx arianna❤️

  9. I love this look! It’s actually so similar to my current makeup look :)
    Your videos are always so nice to watch and you have rapidly become my
    favorite youtuber. I’m such a sucker for all your recommendations!!

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