1. Such a cute eye look and I might have to go to Target and get me that shirt
    lol!! +ciaoobelllaxo By far my FAVORITE TooFaced product is the La Creme
    lip stick in the color Nude Beach!!! It is a great everyday nude and it
    smells like lemon pie!!!

  2. Eek! Love this! Too faced is my favorite makeup brand by far! Some of my
    favorite products of theirs are the milk chocolate bronzer, the sun bunny
    bronzer, and the chocolate Solei bronzer. And I of course can’t forget my
    chocolate bar palette! I’ve used it every day I think since I bought it! Oh
    and the better than sex mascara! ;) 

  3. The chocolate bronzers and the melted lipsticks are by far my favourite
    things Too Faced makes. Ouuuh. Wait no, I also LOVE the natural eyes
    palette with all my heart. In fact, all of their eyeshadow palettes are
    quite phenomenal. But I’ve been using the chocolate soleil bronzer since
    the dawn of time. Before youtube was even a thing and long before Too Faced
    was a highly reconized brand. So that is for sure my MOST favourite! :) 

  4. My favorite too faced product is fosho their chocolate pallet! I use it
    everyday even when I try not to use it I always end up doing so. Lol

  5. The Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Collection is a must-have for any beauty
    addict! Amazing colors and amazing pigmentation! Definitely one of my
    favorite palettes to use on a day-to-day basis! Always and forever
    recommending the Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow line!

  6. Meg,
    I haven’t used any toofaced products but I have swatched the Melted Liquid
    Lipsticks in a few shades at Sephora and I love them and want them so
    badly. I love the toofaced products they are so freaking pretty! And I want
    so much of their products but trying to save up to get some. I would love
    to win this giveaway because I want practically all the products you used
    in this video they are all on my Makeup wish list. And would love to have
    some highend products and it would be an amazing addition to my small but
    trying to grow collection! I love your videos and you are my inspiration!
    Lots of love to you! XOXOXO

  7. I love everything Too Faced ,but my favorite is all of their eyeshadow
    palettes , Especially their holiday Everything Nice .

  8. Meg, you’re such an inspiration. I’ve been following your beauty channel
    and clog channel since the beginning and I have to say you’ve inspired me
    to be such a strong person and feel beautiful. I’ve learned so many make up
    techniques from you. I recently gave birth o a beautiful baby girl and I
    haven’t had the time or money to go out and buy the make up I love. My
    daughter takes up all my time that I would LOVE to win this and be able to
    make myself feel like a beautiful MOTHER. Love you meg. And I’m HOPING THAT

  9. I love the chocolate soleil bronzer. It is perfect for contouring beings as
    I am quite pale. I also really like the better than sex mascara, it’s by
    far my favourite mascara I have found. 

  10. Love this look, it’s gorg!! Great for spring/summer!!! My fav Too Faced
    products def is there hangover ex primer it’s amazing!!!!

  11. MEEEGGGG <3 My favorite too faced product is the Better Than Sex mascara!!
    i love how it gives volume but is not clumpy. Too faced is such a good
    brand, i love the palettes (especially the sugar pop one).

  12. I love this look Meg with all of the Two Faced products! My favourite
    makeup essential from Two Faced is the Boudoir eyes palette, I love all the
    different colour shades and how many different looks I can try out! hoping
    to be the lucky winner to try out some more looks ❤️

  13. Too faced chocolate soliel bronzer is the best contouring Color especially
    because I’m sometime light skinned it gives me the best shade , I’ve tired
    so many contour pallets & bronzes but the too faced one is by far the best!
    Never muddy never chalky feeling by far the best ! 

  14. My favourite Too Faced product is the limited edition summer bronzing
    wardrobe! I use this palette every day!!!! Love this giveaway and love your

  15. I love the candlelight glow highlighter! Theres nothing like a healthy glow
    to your cheeks that reflects the light and makes you shine like a diamond :) 

  16. Hi meg!! Love your videos! My favorite toofaced product is the sweet
    sunshines moisturizing lip gloss! It goes on so smoothly and I’m a sucker
    for lip products :) 

  17. Too Faced is so amazing! My hands down favorite product from Too Faced
    Cosmetics is the Chocolate Bar eye shadow palette. I feel that this palette
    is so versatile in creating a variety of different looks. You can go very
    natural with the colors, or you can go very dark and smoky for a more
    sultry look. I have received the most compliments on my eye makeup when
    wearing this pallet. Perfect for the office or for a night downtown with
    the ladies! I would love to branch out and try more of the Too Faced
    Cosmetics line to see what more they have to offer!

  18. I went shopping about 3 months ago for makeup and I had seen 4 Too Faced
    products for only $20, of course it was all travel size but I just had to
    try them, they were my FIRST EVER high end beauty products. I got the
    Chocolate Soleil Bronzer, Shadow Insurance, lipstick in Naked Dolly and the
    Better Than Sex Mascara. Oh my goodness, I fell in love

  19. Hi megan (Sorry if my english is not perfect because I’m frensh) I really
    like this palette she’s coloful really beautiful! I hope i could win (or
    won i don’t no) the prize :-) thank you to be on youtube because i know
    this is weird because i frensh and at the beganing i complitly don’t
    understand a word of what you said but your the first youtuber i’ve watched
    (my english is better since i watch you…) so thank you and i love you.
    See you later :-D 

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