1. I want to summon creatures and monsters and magic shit like that not this
    hack and slash shit. Fuck go back to turn base like ff7 and ff10. This was

  2. Well…that’s not the FF combat I’m used to…
    I like it…but it feels a bit like the series has lost it’s identity now
    among all the other action RPGs and hack and slashers out there

  3. The only sucky thing about big open games is that it can get boring fast
    when it takes forever to get to an objective. It makes replaying them kind
    of tiring but hey I love playing these kind of games.

  4. Can they make it a liitle bit more boring? I mean, come on, press “x” till
    you get tired and then go hide behind a rock, recover mp, and then come
    back and press “x” again till death. It’s too exciting for my taste.
    Please, bring it down a little bit. Just a little. It’s too rpg’ish. It
    should be “press x all the time until your finger runs out of skin”.

  5. So. Can i control other characters aswell? And will there be a female
    joining the party or some other creatures? I mean having just the 4 of them
    through out the game is kinda bland..

  6. I will love the shit out of this game.
    Cause the combat system is unique everything looks polished SE put it all
    in, in this game. People tend to forget that a good game should not be full
    action packed but also admire the little things will exploring. 

  7. inb4 a bunch of weeaboo’s bitch and moan about how the English voices suck,
    even though they don’t suck at all. lol

  8. This actually looks pretty great. Action RPG with strong hack ‘n slash
    mechanics and a (presumably) large focus on exploration? Sign me up.

  9. Fuck now I have to buy type 0 to play this demo which is actually longer
    than the order 1886. Isn’t that crazy. 

  10. I have never touched this franchise due to my dislike of turn based combat,
    but with rtc and an open world… I might be getting this one. I hope they
    put it on pc.

  11. Never understood why people seem to enjoy turn-based combat so much. Go
    play Dark Souls, then we can talk about good combat.

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