1. I was just recently on a trip at Universal Orlando, and oh man, did I come
    back feeling inspired. Going to Universal and walking through the Marvel
    section of the park helped me re-channel what I started out with, and that
    was turning myself into super heroes as a kid, just for fun, in my room,
    like a weirdo…. using nothing but eyeshadows, and regular makeup. Thank
    god for body paint to make things easier! 

  2. So many accounts hate on other people for saying they’re the first comment
    or things like that, but if I were on someone elses channel and they
    uploaded and I was there right away id totally be like FIRST COMMENT,
    IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOOM!!!!!!! BEAT. THAT. hashtag yes

    krueger from Halloween, unfortunately I dont actually have the powers of
    Wolverine (sorry to disappoint, I’m disappointed also), and YES I am
    wearing a shirt, you can now see the reflection of my back thanks to the
    shiny YouTube award :) 

  4. Do you think you could do a Cinderella makeup with like a broken glass shoe
    in her face and she looks all crazy??

  5. Hahaha when you were talking in the beginning I was getting so tripped out
    by your real mouth and then the painted on mouth! That usually doesn’t
    happen to me but today it did haha. I loooooooove this~ 

  6. You. Are. My. Idol.
    Seriously to meet you in person would be a DREAM come true. I actually got
    into face painting because of you! My first time ever I painted a pretty
    decent half skull, based solely off the skills I’ve learned from you. I’m
    you #1 lexbot! & I hope you’re vacation was magical! You’ve definitely
    earned it! I cant wait to get your whole brush line. Love you! 

  7. I love your work! How do you find inspiration and ideas for body paintings?
    Sometimes I find it impossible to think of something to draw or paint. (I
    mostly work on paper or canvas, but I think painting on skin is really fun,
    too!) I usually end up drawing a million flowers or apples. 

  8. Oh my god! I am currently re-watching all of the X-Men movies (I’m up to
    first class) because I love X-Men so much! Wolverine is such a badass –
    love this! 

  9. Alguien sabe que pintura usa para este maquillajes, la que yo uso no se
    parece en nada ._. Está tiene mejor cobertura 

  10. +Madeyewlook i wish i coukd go to comic con and see you! I live in chicago
    too but i dont think ill ever get the chance to meet you in

  11. 1. I somehow can’t reply….
    2. Cool ur coming to Dallas Texas!!?? AWESOME!!! xD
    Don’t forget to go to Six Flags bruh *-*

  12. So… It’s the first time I’m commenting. Like “the” first comment on
    youtube. You better feel more than special hahaha Or not…
    Anyway! I’ve watched all of your videos in both of your channels and I
    think this is my favorite by far! I’m only good in drawing in paper, you
    know, with pencil and stuff like that… I’ll never be able to do things in
    my face like you do (not even close!) hahaha
    I love a lottle your work!
    Sorry any mistakes, I’m a brazilian that had to learn alone your language D:
    XOXO, Gossi- Amanda o/

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