1. Does anyone else automatically “thumbs up” her videos before watching them
    because they already know they are going to like them?

  2. Great look!! Thanks. P.S. Have you ever done a wedding look? I’m getting
    married in March and I’m trying to get ideas of what would look good. 

  3. can you do a video about your hair? I have a similar natural color to yours
    and started ombre and have been slowly bringing the ombre up and getting
    blonder! but your hair just looks so healthy even though you bleach it, and
    I’d love to hear about your hair routine/ how often you get it lightening! :) 

  4. I absolutely love this look and the glitter !! Your makeup is so flawless!!
    Yes can’t wait to see a video on the Makeup For Ever glitter it looks so

  5. s finally this gorgeous look is up! Been wanting to see it since your fave
    video :D Absolutely stunning as always x

  6. Please do more eye looks using this technique! I have MAJOR hooded lid
    syndrome lol & I need all the tutorials you can possibly give

  7. I NEED both of the loose glitters you mentioned! I love how wearable but
    still glamorous this look is. Not sure if it’s true or not but I heard they
    are discontinuing the MUFE HD foundation!! That would be such a bummer :( 

  8. Wow, that’s so cool about what your fingers do when you hold something. I
    believe you may be double jointed. I can do something weird like that with
    my foot when I bend it at the ankle. Everybody says it freaks them out,
    lol. I know you used copper but this whole look is peach toned and really
    fits in for spring. This glitter does look wearable. Really pretty. :) 

  9. So crazy I was like your 40 something subscriber and look at you now girl !
    So proud of you and love you girl ! You deserve nothing but the best

  10. Hey beautiful,just wondering if you are still doing the makeup forever
    giveaway on Instagram? Or did I miss it? Love the look as usual…now going
    to look at comments for any haters,and put them in their place…hopefully
    their isn’t any…got you girl

  11. pretty color on the eyes. Is there anyone on youtube who doesn’t wing out
    their liner? So many people in real life don’t do it. There are other ways
    to line the eyes. Not in youtube land though.

  12. Thumbs up if you liked the make up without the winged liner ….. ( Am a
    winged liner girl but this look was more beautiful without liner)

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