1. boobs. i like boobs. but i really liked the time and effort to be professional about the whole thing. and how just a little bit of this and that can make things not look like the other.

    over all i give this a thumbs up.

  2. this is justa a cosplay tutorial, it has nothing to do with being upset with your size, its just so that you can fit the diffrent sizes of boobs for cosplay

  3. WOW! You did a follow up video on the tutorial from deviantart?! I’m so glad! I haven’t had a chance to use this yet, but I’m definitely considering trying it out next summer! Just to clarify, the first two bras should be my proper size, and the third one is…? Band and cup size bigger, just band size, or just cup size? And lastly, I’m insanely curious, but feel free not to answer, what’s your size without the padding and makeup?

  4. Dear pompberry,
    I have a question for the girls that have size D/DD and up cup sizes. What would you recommend we do for cosplaying? Because I feel like doing that tripple bra technique a bit much for my cup size. Has anyone found other ways on enhancing their breasts without that method? I like the contorting but I’ve always wanted that cleavage that touches like that considering my breasts don’t really do that as much naturally.
    Ashley :D

  5. This is for cosplaying, attempting to look exactly like a character from an anime. If the character has large breast you have to change your cleavage.

  6. This has nothing to do with being proud or not being proud of the way you are. I love my body and getting implants or something like that is NOT something that crosses my mind! This is just about being accurate when cosplaying ;)

  7. It is not about getting attention from anyone, it is about being accurate in every detail. It is the same thing as putting on contact lenses to change your eye colour or wearing a wig to change your hair. You’re just changing something to match a character’s =]

    And as a side note: this does not stop you from “playing”, since the “play” in “cosplay” stands for the ACTING aspect of it all ;)

  8. I’m so happy my gf is a DD cup.
    She will read this and she will kill me xD…So these are my last words:

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