1. I love how you didn’t use falsies or black liner in this look – it looks so
    fresh and pretty on you! Your natural lashes are insaaaaaane!

  2. I really do love your videos normally – but if I may offer a small but of
    constructive criticism… This feel way too sponsored. I get that it IS and
    you write it the middle of your description novella below… but it’s not
    that it IS sponsored – its that it FEELS sponsored. Obviously videos like
    this are income so it’s a necessary (evil?!) but maybe consider saying off
    the bat IN the video that Covergirl have given you the stuff and asked you
    to shoot a video/been ages since you’ve used a lot of the ranges/excited to
    revisit formations/honest opinions etc… I get that you have to be
    positive – but this feels like hyperbole and over done a bit. I love your
    stuff, but yeah. Just some constructive criticism. 

  3. This is going to sound really weird but I was trying to fall asleep and was
    feeling anxious so I put on one of your videos because your voice is so

  4. I think this is my favourite look on you ever! I want to go do a purple
    eyeshadow look right noww. Yes please swatch the other 5! Cover girl needs
    way more recognition, it’s my favourite drug store foundation ever. I have
    the 3 in 1 and it’s medium to full coverage. So good!

  5. Everyone says they don’t understand hateful people or people who give you
    hate, so here’s an explanation:

    People bully and are extremely mean to people over the internet because
    they don’t see your reaction. Their brain can’t process the effect it will
    have on you, wether it be minor or totally devastating, and that’s why we
    need to all stand up for each other. And let them know that their words
    hurt. It isn’t okay to bully anyone or hurt people feelings because you
    want to. Giving your “opinion” (an excuse often used) is exactly the same,
    if your opinion is demeaning and insulting it has no place to be said. I
    can understand your freedom of speech, but you also have to understand the
    consequences of what you have to say. It is ILLEGAL to use the Internet to
    bully or harass anyone. Everyone deserves to be treated kindly, and if you
    have a negative opinion or view of them, it’s even easier than real life.
    Sometimes in real life you can’t walk away from the person you dislike, but
    on the Internet you can click away and no one would know a difference.
    Leaving a hateful comment reflects badly on you, and in then you’d probably
    be bullied for it too. Ironic circle Huh? It’s hard for everyone because
    there will always be people out there that won’t like you and will say
    awful, horrid things. But next time you think about leaving a nasty comment
    or saying something nasty to someone, walk away. Unplug. Put your phone or
    computer down and do something POSITIVE instead. If you out positive energy
    in the world, you will get positive energy back. Anyway, just thought I
    would leave a little thought here for everyone. Good video Shannon ❤️ you
    look great as always. 

  6. Your skin looks so flawless without makeup in this video Shannon. I wish
    Covergirl was sold in Ireland but I think Maxfactor is their alternative
    brand?! The mascara looks phenomenal on your lashes. I loved this video as
    always. I always love when you pop in my sub box at like 2am

  7. Shannon I watched your weight loss video and it has been helping me. I’m
    not too over weight but my body type is exactly like yours. Thank u so much
    ur such a motivation!!!!!!! 

  8. I love your tan! I want to fake tan (sunless tanner.. no spray/tanning
    beds) But not sure what to go for, I’m very pale and only burn when I try
    to tan in the sun… does anyone have recommendations for products that can
    be either ordered online or bought in canada?

  9. Even if this video is sponsered then who cares because you’ve got to make a
    living. Everyone who doesn’t like it just close he video down. Like my mum
    says “if you haven’t got anything nice to say then don’t say anything at
    all”. It’s Shans channel and she will film what she desires. If you don’t
    like it then just don’t watch the video it’s as simple as that. Love you
    Shan and your beautiful

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