1. I love this! Such a gorgeous style, wish I could do it on my own, I just
    don’t have the patience. Lol

  2. I just wanted to say that you are BY FAR the easiest person on YouTube to
    understand when it comes to hairstyles. I am pretty uncoordinated with hair
    but I can always do your hairstyles. I also wanted to say that your video
    editing is fantastic and that I love how your videos are short and to the
    point and how they don’t have this excess chatter and fluff that many other
    Youtubers have. I also wanted to say that every time I werar one of your
    hairstyles I always get tons of compliments :) 

  3. Love this video! I was wondering about hair elastics like you use, my mum
    is a hairdresser a d won’t let me use them as they could snap my hair, do
    they snap yours or do you cut them out ? Any replies are appreciated !x

  4. Are you kidding me!? You make it look sooo easy!!! Ugh! I love it!! I have
    to try it!! It’s beautiful!! ♡

  5. U know I m only 13 and everyone asks me that from where u learn all these
    hairstyles and I say to them that I m having my favourite hairstyler name
    Nee and say to them to subscribe on ur channel. Best of luck for ur new

  6. It’s soo cute! You put soo much effort into your vids and they all look
    really good! I just can’t do them because I just cut my hair :(
    (I just discovered this channel)

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