1. Hi can you Lilith Moon or someone help me please! !!! I first live your
    channel your so humble.
    Ok, I am not talented like you or the other famous ladies of hair on here.
    How do I learn. Also , I have currently become sick with athletic acute
    nephritis amd may have to go in the hospital. I am vain about my hair. It’s
    thinned out a lot due to loosing 65 pounds and alot of working out to much.
    My hair is about your length Maybe idk an inch shorter. Can someone PLEASE
    be honest with me. Do some guru’s wear hair extensions for some their
    video’s. Because even when my hair was super long idk. Missy sue said
    sometimes she wears them for a more detailed look with the braids. Let’s be
    honest that would be all the time? Lol anyway , I can’t really blow my hair
    out because I’m too sick ect. And I want to start doing or trying these fun
    styles. Would you my fellow friend’s recommend hair extensions , to make it
    easier because one you have more hair to work with right? Also what brand?
    ?!! Missy sue is sponsored by Sally Hansen so she claims they are great I
    heard in real reviews they aren’t . Then the belemi is that the name the
    really really really really really pricey ones u buy online that every guru
    swears by. But when I talk to real girls in real life they had complaints.
    Actually the only good things I hear about them are from the YouTube
    guru’s. Please I dnt have tons of money to spend. I’m sick and want to look
    or try to feel pretty. Isn’t there an in between kind


  3. Очень интересная идея.Мне понравилось.Попробую,может получится.

  4. Lilith, I just love this style, thank you for teaching this!!! I have been
    learning French braids on my self but I’m still not 100 percent great at
    it, so I’m so excited to try this style as an easier alternative! Thank you
    so much! Your tutorials are the best and you are such a kind youtuber!

  5. Beautiful! What tips do you have for hiding greasy hair? My hair gets
    greasy really quickly and I know it isn’t healthy to wash it nearly
    everyday x

  6. I really love your channel and all the different kinds of hairstyles you
    do. Thank you for uploading these videos. Can I ask you something? You know
    how you show the finished braid at the end if your videos? can you show us
    what it looks like from other directions, otherwise I’m sure everyone else
    thinks you’re awesome as much as I do ;) 

  7. Hi, Lilith! I love your tutorials and some even tried to recreate.
    The question I have to you – is how to get heairspray out of my long thick
    hair? As after I curled my hair and hairsprayed it, I could hardly brush it
    after washing.

  8. What a beautiful hairstyle! I can’t wait until my hair grows long enough
    to try it out!

    I always look forward to your videos, even the videos in a language I don’t
    understand. They’re amazing :) 

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