1. Clair, I do not get DM on instagram, its too full, and I can’t reply
    because you dont have Google + :( I would love to see your work, please @
    tag me on instagram, and ill check it out :) 

  2. You never fail to amaze me. My birthday is the 13th and I have no partner
    for the 14th so I might try this for the party (kidding, I’m not that
    talented haha! I’ll stick to drawing it). Gorgeous as always, Lex! ♥

  3. You are truly remarkable Lex, I was never really interested in body paint
    till I started watching your videos. I always seem to be binge watching all
    your tutorials even if I will never be able to do it, you inspire me and so
    many others to be who we are and do whatever makes us happy. Right now I’m
    only 15 but your a huge inspiration and I hope one day I can be as talented
    as you are. By the way you are really beautiful, and have like perfect
    skin. Anyway, keep up the amazing work and good luck for your future
    videos, can’t wait to see what’s to come. :) 

  4. Hey Lex, I have a question. Are the body paints you use full converge? For
    instance, I have freckles on my face and body. They’re not overly dark but
    are visible if I’m not wearing foundation. Would these body paints cover

    Loved the video too! x

  5. Do you often have people who recreate your looks and show them to you? I
    can’t imagine being able to do this especially to the degree of amazing
    that you do, but I’m sure there are much more ambitious (and talented) fans
    out there who would try.

  6. I was so excited for this when I saw the picture on your Facebook page, but
    it somehow looks even more amazing on video! Epic Valentine’s Day
    look…but, probably wouldn’t recommend this for a romantic date lol

  7. O.o is it ok if I don’t have any words for this amazing i love it. I wish I
    could go to work with this. Amazing job ad always lex. Can’t wait to see

  8. I love how you just say valentines day makeup like “so how are doing your
    makeup for valentines day?” “Oh you know just drawing a giant rose on my
    face” XD Luv you ❤️

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