1. This is old school Sonia and I luv it!!! I like the others but this is my
    all time favorites. What blush are you wearing? I would luv to see a video
    just like this doing your everyday nude bronzing look you wear alot.

  2. don’t get me wrong but i think you are making a good money why not to buy a
    good cam and lighting ? your so good but the filming and setting don’t work
    i’v been watching you for three years and your video filming havn’t chang
    at all ! 

  3. I love the talk through ones really don’t like voice over anything thank
    you for asking what we like lots of love from a really long time fan.

  4. Hi Sonia!! I like the long videos here and there, I mostly look for the
    products you’re using and your thoughts. You didn’t include your foundation
    and concealer application in this one but I’ve you seen you do it so many
    time before and the understand the video was long as is.I think the video
    lighting works and I appreciate the close up view!! xo HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  5. Whoa, I felt like I was watching one of your old videos! I loved it! Your
    voice even sounds different as to when your doing your professional voice
    overs. Sometimes I like the short videos, but I like how you are in these,
    I feel like your personality comes through a bit more, you are more laid
    back. I would like a bit of both. Mix it up. PS: I’ve always liked your

  6. Oh I loved this video nice and long. I don’t personally care if it’s talk
    thru or voice over, sponsored or not! Can you include doing your foundation
    and concealer too. :) 

  7. Thank you for the upload :)
    I enjoyed this video so much. This style of makeup tutorial is my favourite
    from you.
    You are so beautiful Sonia xx

  8. you totally rock this look! i missed these type of videos from you…
    these type of videos are one of my faves. it reminds me when i was little
    and i would love to sit and watch my mom put on makeup before church sunday
    mornings. i wasn’t allowed to wear makeup, but nobody said anything about
    watching lol :D 

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